Your Family

Protecting your family from pests is important. From Bed Bugs, Wasps, Venomous spiders and even ants that can carry salmonella, we handled it all. These pests can threaten your family and more importantly their safety. Our award-winning pest control service will deliver you safe a solution along with the peace of mind of dealing with the Atlus Pest experts.

Your Home

Termites and wood-destroying pests cause an extreme amount of damage to American homes each and every year. We make it easier to protect your largest investment with Atlus Pest Solutions. Our team takes pride in providing the most effective and thorough service available in the Madison, AL market.

Your World

Treating your home for pests, shouldn’t be harmful to the earth. All of our pest control products and solutions are environmentally friendly, soft on beneficial insects and 100% safe for your children and pets.


Have you ever hired a pest control service, only to find out that the pests keep coming back? It can be extremely frustrating and expensive if you higher the wrong team to eliminate your pest situation. Atlus Pest Solutions is Madison’s pest control service leader. We have become one of the top companies in Madison, AL because we deliver a guaranteed solution and listen to our customers exact pest control needs. At Atlus, we pride ourselves on being the best value while delivering the highest level of service.

Our Services and Methods Include: 

  • The Flush out –  Using a repellant around the exterior of the house, can trap bugs inside of your home.  Our unique flush out system gets rid of the bugs completely  allowing us to then install a protective pest/bug barrier.
  • Effective products – Some bugs can be resilient. At Atlus we use a combination of five proven, quality solutions to rid even the most resilient and pesky bugs.
  • Money-back guarantee – At Atlus, we guarantee our work! If you are not 100% completely satisfied with our service, we will refund you your hard-earned money. We are the only Madison pest control service that offers this money-back guarantee.
  • All-inclusive – If you do not need it, we won’t sell it! We promise to not add on additional services or endless recommendations.  Atlus takes pride in offering all your pest control needs at one affordable price.
  • Unparalleled service –  Our service is top-notch every time!  A bad experience and service can be almost as annoying as those pesky bugs. Our team will always go out of our way to make you satisfied. Atlus Pest Solutions is grateful to be awarded Angie’s List  #1 pest control provider in the Madison area. In addition, our company takes our reputation seriously and we currently hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Price match – If you find a company with the same level of service and warranty, we are happy to offer our customers the price match guarantee.  
  • Safest products available – Atlus Pest Solutions uses pyrethroids from the natural and beautiful chrysanthemum flower. This bi-product is not only extremely effective, but colorless, odorless and less toxic than your ordinary everyday table salt.


Our unique and complete pest control solution, is delivered with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We hope you think of Atlus Pest Solutions, when contracting with a new pest control service in Madison, AL. We know that if a potential customer had the chance to witness our treatment process, there would be no question on who they would want to higher for their pest control needs. To make your decision easier, we invite you to navigate through our 3-D graphic below. This easily and effectively allows you to take a closer look at the detailed process we go through when protecting your home. After experiencing this, you will see why we’re confident in offering our 100% money-back guarantee.



Our Bug Guide contains information on common household pest in our area.

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